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Dear partner,

Our company operates in the dry cargo road transport throughout Europe, offering integrated solutions for transport, distribution and storage of goods.

Studying the needs of each customer, respond quickly and flexibly, providing the highest standards of service.

In our website you can find all relevant information.


About company, purpose, philosophy


About us

Our company was established in 2006.

Initially as a family company, Genesis World Trans developed very quickly and managed today to be active in the carriage of general cargo by road transport in international level. The company serves with daily departures cargo imports and exports across Europe.

At your disposal, we provide :

  • Normal trackers and mega trailers,
  • GPS systems in all of our tracks for maximum assurance of goods,
  • Latest technology alarm systems,
  • Transport License of cargoes ADR (Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road),
  • Authorisation for transportation of recyclable materials (scrap),
  • Special permit for transportation of recyclable Peloponnese, Western Greece, Ionian and Attica,
  • 24-hour roadside assistance throughout Europe,
  • Secure parking Aspropyrgos, Corinth and Patras,
  • Warehouses in Greece - Aspropyrgos,
  • Correspondent in Italy - Como.

Our philosophy

As a company, we always choose to exceed the bar on customer service and driven our faith, safety and a high level of integrity, to create long-term relationships. And this is our great success.

With great dedication for years, expert staff and our colleagues with professionalism and commitment to the company contribute to its ongoing development.

With the same dedication, we continue our efforts, loyal - oldest, but also new clients, focusing on saving your resources, but no discount on our services.

Our team is available around the clock.


Our goals

  • entering into new markets,
  • warehouse properties.


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In Genesis World Trans distinguished for consistency, accuracy, time of delivery, transport and delivery. We study the real needs and propose solutions that utilize the most of the technology and the extensive network of correspondents.

We are able to provide a wide range of services , which involves:

  • Transfer,
  • Storage,
  • Distribution,
  • Completion of necessary documents,
  • Daily departures to and from all over Europe .



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Want to know more about Genesis World Trans ?

Give us a call, drop us an e-mail, or come visit us in our office.


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Piraeus, GREECE

address: Skouze 12, Piraeus, 18536
phone: (+30) 2104179522
fax: (+30) 2104102322